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As a boutique small business accounting firm, we not only manage our clients accounting needs, we take responsibility for your financial reporting as if it were our own.

Retirement planning and wealth management is your key to sustaining and enjoying your golden years.


To attain and achieve true financial stability, you must have a financial plan. This includes an income plan, a tax plan and an investment plan.


Having the right financial team in place to facilitate the establishment and initiation of your objectives and goals is critical to a fullfilling and satisfying retirement. 

At Heifetz&Company, you are not just a client. You are an individual with unique needs, requirements and objectives for your business to thrive and flourish.


Each one of our professional and hand-picked staff members are well versed in all types of accounting and tax matters, as well as a penchant for personal and friendly individualized service.

In today's financial landscape, the needs of small businesses to be aware of their financial standing is more important than ever.


A good accountant is not one whom you speak to once a year for tax and end-of-year planning. Rather, they are someone who will take an individualized interest in your financial and personal goals, enabling you to drive your business to succeed, grow and develop professionally and financially.

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